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The saying goes don't mix politics and sports. Well in 2017 politics are ingrained into our lives like the phones in our pockets, we just can't avoid...

Take a knee: Why the "Stick to Sports" narrative needs to end.

August 24, 2017

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Golden State vs Cleveland Part III: Why this might be the greatest NBA finals ever.

June 1, 2017


At first all I thought was not again. 


Same matchup for the third straight season, more Draymond Green antics, hot takes on why Durant ruined the NBA competitive balance, and the seventh year in a row of Lebron James in the NBA Finals. 


Been there seen that. I mean how can you top a Game 7 in the NBA Finals when a team comes back from a 3-1 deficit. You can't. 


So the NBA could only do one thing to entice us this year. Make it a trilogy that could make or brake basketball legacies for years to come.


Alright now you got my attention, but we all know who's going to win. I mean the Golden State Warriors have 5 all-stars on their roster and with the addition of Kevin Durant the Cavaliers don 't stand a chance. 


Or do they? I mean Lebron is playing some of the best playoff basketball of his career and the additions of Kyle Korver and Deron Williams bring the depth that can easily match the Warriors. 


The storylines are also there. If Lebron wins this year it will be his fourth NBA title getting closer to matching all-time greats "Magic" Johnson and Kobe Bryant with five.


Also in what has felt like the elephant in the room this season has been Kevin Durant's decision to join Golden State, who came back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last May. The rich got richer and Durant's move to leave the Thunder, heavily changed the competitive balance in the league that saw them cruise into the NBA Finals with an impressive 12-0 record. If Durant doesn't win a title, the offseason will be filled with questions if he can ever break through to win an NBA championship.


Even though many NBA experts and fans expected this finals matchup it hasn't stopped from fans from tuning up. Playoff TV ratings are up 5% from last year which had a Game 7 and Game 6 in the Western and Eastern Conferences Finals respectively. 


If it was anything but this matchup, would we have been as interested as we are in the NBA Finals right now? Probably not.


It's as compelling as Lakers/Celtics in the 80's and as anticipated as ever. Ratings might be the highest since the 1998 NBA Finals, where Jordan won his last title and played his final game as Chicago Bull. 


Warriors are the favorites coming into this even though the Cavs are the defending champions. This will only add fuel to the fire for Lebron who last June led both teams in all statisitcal categories. 


The storylines are there. The star power is there. But will the  third installment in this series be worthy of a Hollywood ending?


I don't know but lets hope this NBA Finals matchup ends as a trilogy. Part fours usually suck .





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