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The saying goes don't mix politics and sports. Well in 2017 politics are ingrained into our lives like the phones in our pockets, we just can't avoid...

Take a knee: Why the "Stick to Sports" narrative needs to end.

August 24, 2017

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Twitter Times: Everyone has an opinion and that's good thing.

April 8, 2017


Times have certainly changed for social media within the last 5 years.


Everyone seems to have a social profile for something and everyone seems to have an opinion to go with it. For social networking it could be Facebook, for photos it's Instagram and for sharing a point of view its Twitter. 


Twitter is a haven for memes, video clips and the insight of your closest friends. During the election last fall, there was divide amongst so many on Twitter where many had the ability to share political stances and views.  


 But the election revealed more than just a new president, it showcased the power and opportunities of self expression in form of tweets. 

Now more than ever hot topics are dissected and shared on Twitter creating dialogue that is both opinionated and original.


Just this week I saw friends debate over Pepsi's new ad featuring Kendall Jenner that caused some controversy with its political theme and protesters. I saw both sides to the argument  and yet my biggest takeaway from this online spat was seeing this freedom of expression. 


This generation is obsessed with technology and if social media has caused any physiological effect on us, it's that we all want to be heard. We post pictures to share with friends but also for the gratification that it'll receive enough likes to validate it. We tweet for self expression but to share a thought or opinion that very easily could have kept in our heads. That right there is the beauty of social media.


There is no requirement to agree with everything you see online or need to comment. It's more just the ability to share it and put it out there. I believe with social media and especially with Twitter, we can learn a lot form each other. I've seen different point of views which has helped understand stances on tough issues like politics. 


Cable news networks live off these hot takes on issues spewing out opinions on issues and taking sides, it makes sense why people tune in. They want to up to the minute analysis on topics. Twitter lets you do the same and share you're thoughts to the world. 


But remember if you have opinion be ready to back it up. That part can never change. 










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