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The saying goes don't mix politics and sports. Well in 2017 politics are ingrained into our lives like the phones in our pockets, we just can't avoid...

Take a knee: Why the "Stick to Sports" narrative needs to end.

August 24, 2017

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Editorial: Baseball is Back.

April 4, 2017


I've found that few things in life are as great as professional sports. Let alone baseball. 


Call me crazy or old-fashioned but the thought of sitting in the sun for three hours watching a ballgame excites me like nothing else. And when every April rolls around I dust off my jersey and pray this is the year my team will take it all the way. 


Sure there are a lot more important things that are happening in our world than a silly game of baseball. But don't we all need a distraction once in a while. A few hours away from reality to put our worries away. I know I do.


I've always been one to commit myself to something bigger than myself which has taught me a lot including patience. Maybe that's why I can sit down for three hours and feels at rest. 


One of the few things that me and my father can connect with is baseball and it means the world to me when we sit in silence and watch a few innings. It's bliss and peace of mind that no other sport can bring. 


Some of the greatest memories of my life have occurred at a baseball game. I've seen walk-offs and blowouts, even got heartbroken a few times too many. But what always brings me back is the journey to October. Over 6 months I commit myself to baseball with high hopes and by the end the team feels like family. You've grown so much since April and by Fall it all comes to fruition. The stadium feels like a giant living room and everyone is there for the show. 


And yes there are critics that baseball is too slow and is boring compared to football and basketball. It's an acquired taste that isn't for all. But I'll take my peanuts and hot dogs in the sun any day.


That's baseball for you. It's been there for me through the bad and the good. Here's to another season of heartbreaks and heroics. I'll be waiting. 


Oh I almost forgot. Go Dodgers. 









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