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The saying goes don't mix politics and sports. Well in 2017 politics are ingrained into our lives like the phones in our pockets, we just can't avoid...

Take a knee: Why the "Stick to Sports" narrative needs to end.

August 24, 2017

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From dumbfounded to dumbbells: How I figured out Gym culture.

March 30, 2017

 Working out isn't easy.  


According to statistics only 47% of Americans get enough exercise and work out on average for only 30 minutes. There is approximately 29,750 health clubs in the U.S and 45 million gym memberships to go along with that. 


I recently joined that 45 million wanting to make a change in my life. Health and personal well being mostly. Also beers weren't helping my physique. It wasn't the first time I joined a gym but was the first time I started going consistently and I learned more than I thought I would.


Whether it was just helping a stranger with spotting (supporting a person during a particular exercise) or acknowledging I probably shouldn't be lifting heavier weights than I'm capable of.  


But there is something really interesting that happens in most gyms that I've noticed.  No it's not the constant grunting or weights slamming with testosterone overload. It's the shear beauty of improvement and just acknowledging it.


Ever wonder why most gyms are filled with mirrors? And why you spend so much time looking at yourself while you work on those quads. It's about confidence and the ability to say "Hey I look good!".


Your friends Snapchat is filled with gym selfies for a reason. No they aren't just showing off that six-pack, it's someone coming along and acknowledging that progress. The best compliment a person can give someone is a "Hey YOU look good!".


Progress happens over time and if going to the gym recently has taught me anything it's all about confidence in yourself. Whether it is 30 minutes or just 3 times a week, the key to the gym doesn't come to how much you lift or squat. It's about knowing how far you've come and what you want to accomplish.


It's easier than you think. 










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