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August 24, 2017

The saying goes don't mix politics and sports. Well in 2017 politics are ingrained into our lives like the phones in our pockets, we just can't avoid them. 

Yet for some, sports was the only place they could escape political issues and social statements. Insert Colin Ka...

June 1, 2017

At first all I thought was not again. 

Same matchup for the third straight season, more Draymond Green antics, hot takes on why Durant ruined the NBA competitive balance, and the seventh year in a row of Lebron James in the NBA Finals. 

Been there seen that. I mean how c...

May 3, 2017

Last month MLB celebrated a historic day as it marked 70 years since Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color barrier in 1947 and opened the doors for so many players to follow. 

But if Robinson was still alive today he would be disappointed at the state of basebal...

April 24, 2017

 A few weeks ago a friend asked me to take a picture of him during a hike and of course I said yes.

10 minutes later he asked for another one with him posing next to a tree. Not my thing but I obliged to the request. Then when we approached the summit of the hike came...

April 13, 2017

After six months it's over. Well sort of.

But we don't want it to end because quite frankly that was better than anyone expected it to be. It was supposed to be just two teams heading straight to the finish line and everyone else trying to keep up but we got something...

April 8, 2017

Times have certainly changed for social media within the last 5 years.

Everyone seems to have a social profile for something and everyone seems to have an opinion to go with it. For social networking it could be Facebook, for photos it's Instagram and for sharing a poi...

April 4, 2017

I've found that few things in life are as great as professional sports. Let alone baseball. 

Call me crazy or old-fashioned but the thought of sitting in the sun for three hours watching a ballgame excites me like nothing else. And when every April rolls around I dust o...

March 30, 2017

Growing up most of us imagined the possibility  of one day buying a home and living out our lives there. But we didn't consider that being born into this generation gave us some of the hardest odds of ever buying a home. 

Over the past few months I've read countles...

March 30, 2017

 Working out isn't easy.  

According to statistics only 47% of Americans get enough exercise and work out on average for only 30 minutes. There is approximately 29,750 health clubs in the U.S and 45 million gym memberships to go along with that. 

I recent...

March 29, 2017

 March 27, 2017 will always be remembered to Oakland football fans as the day the Raiders left town. Again. 

It doesn't come easy for Oakland Raiders fans as Monday the NFL owners voted             31-1 to approve the move to Las Vegas by the 2020 season....

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