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Unveiling the Writer

My name is Javier Rojas and I am a journalist and social media specialist. I graduated from Humboldt State University as a journalism graduate and minored in Ethnic Studies. As a Los Angeles native, attending Humboldt State University was far, like 600 miles away far.  But this journey has shaped who I am today and these opportunities have prepared me for the crazy profession that is journalism.  

My skills in writing and passion for news led me to a position as a staff writer and eventually managing editor, for Humboldt State University's student run newspaper, The Lumberjack. I instantly fell in love with journalism and quickly learned that the new digital media age involves much more than just writing. My attention to detail, my desire to be up to date with all news and organization skills allowed me to be on top of my work, while meeting any and all deadlines and tasks.

By my senior year of college I decided to branch out and take on a new and personal challenge. I was offered the position of editor in chief for El Leñador, a bilingual startup publication. During my term the publication grew immensely through our readership and coverage of underrepresented communities in Humboldt County. As well as being awarded “Best Non-Weekly Newspaper” in 2016 by the California Collegiate Media Awards.

My diverse experience and body of work is just a snapshot of who I am. I want to tell and share stories and feel that journalism encompasses those values and more. To quote Philip L. Graham "Journalism is the first rough draft of history" and I plan to rewrite that in every medium and platform journalism has to offer.

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